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Manfred R. Legs, at your service!___________________________________ OC roleplay blog based off the film 'Epic' and book 'The Leaf Men'.

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Bambi Sighting? (by ng.kelven)



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My home by ~Joya-Elvira

Manny’s Resign ((Drabble))

This Rot was becoming too much to bear. He couldn’t control it, it hurt him—but more importantly it hurt others. It hurt his surroundings, the plants, it had the potential to hurt his friends! The boy wouldn’t be able to live with himself if anything were to happen to them due to his own curse… He already felt a deep shame climbing it’s way up his throat from simply knowing that some part of him almost liked Rotting things. He had been repulsed by himself by the dark thoughts, but needless to say, it was becoming worse. Manny found himself growing more panicked, more weary of his own blood, running through his own veins.


Scowling at his own insult, he looked away from where Moonhaven rested peacefully in the distance. He couldn’t stay here. Well, not yet anyways. It’d be safer if he just… left for now. Manny needed to get as much distance as possible from Moonhaven and Wrathwood alike, so that he could practice this horrible skill.


He needed control.

And… he couldn’t find that here. Perhaps he’d be able to find it alone. Perhaps…

Swallowing thickly, he turned his back from his hom—his friend’s home, and began his trek to the other side of the forest, to the farthest lands he could find so that he wouldn’t hurt anybody.

He did not tell anyone that he was gone.

He did not want to be discouraged by neither kind nor harsh words, this was a decision he made. And he didn’t want to back out of it now.

So he left.

He left so that he could return stronger. So he’d be strong enough to finally enlist to be a Leafman. So he’d be strong enough to keep others safe from himself. So he’d be able to be himself still…

He left so that he could return to his friends.


//I’m sorry, but I haven’t been able to do much the past week or two due to school work and just life. I didn’t realize I’d be so busy this semester, but my graduation relies on how well I do this (long ass) project as well as keep up with my other classes.

So I’m afraid that I’m going to hop onto hiatus for a while, hopefully for not too long… But I’ll be checking in every once in a while y’know?

Also, I’ll write a thingy thing for Manny’s disappearance so that it’ll be explained!

You know how to contact me if you just wanna talk or something~



voratinklių rūke pranykti (by melancholija)

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