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"Thank you for helping me Believe.”

So, I finally got to present the Nightlight doll I made to Mr. William Joyce! He looked really happy when I gave it to him and was surprised when I told him that it was indeed for him. He said that it I was really talented and just adjas;lfjlfsak;lffffffffffffffff~

It was such an awesome experience to speak with him for a few minutes and get a couple books signed. He asked what school I was going to and I politely said that I would be going to college to pursue an art career; he then mentioned that Moonbot was accepting internships so I was really excited because I was thinking of applying next summer! He was super nice and thrilled to hear I was keeping up with his books ((he said that we’d enjoy reading the 4th book of the GoC series and he had a good idea for the next book!))

Oh, oh, and he actually glows in the dark.”

“Well I should hope so, he is Nightlight!”

  I am so happy, this has been a wonderful experience to meet my idol!

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